“Happy Father’s Day, Becky!”

I remember in 1974 when my brother was born, how excited my father was at the time. It was important to him that the Macro name continue in perpetuity and birthing two sons—as my father and mother had—was imperative to maintaining the lineage of a waning familial name. 

Truth be told, my father came from a family of four (three brothers and a sister) of which he lost an older brother to a childhood disease and another to World War II. And then to be raised by his oldest sister. A fantastic independent Italian woman, I remember her unrivaled kindness and generosity. She made the most incredible raisin-filled cookies. 

As a father myself, my wife and I have raised three sons. As life continued, we watched our family grow to include two grandsons and miraculously—over COVID—my oldest son and his wife gave birth to a little granddaughter. That said, my youngest brothers (I have a half-brother from my father’s second marriage) both have sons. So, it would go without saying that our family (until 2020) was destined to bring boys into this world. I would often lament that our family has not seen a Macro girl for over three generations. 

But I stand corrected. 

I failed to recognize that my mother and father gave birth to a baby girl in the early sixties, who lived for only a week. Her name was Becky. She was born prematurely as my mother was a Type I diabetic and—at the time—the combination was proven to be complicated due to the lack of medical advancements available at the time. Becky would have been my sister, the oldest sibling of my immediate family. 

I tell you this story, especially on the eve of Father’s Day 2020, to pay homage to her. I had forgotten her having never met her. Although she has a grave marker to remind us of her past, life’s progressions have rendered her memories limited to those who had the opportunity to experience her very short life. I often think about how my life would have been changed had she been exposed to the advancements in medicine that we have become accustomed to today. I think about all the advice she could have extended to me amongst the many questionable decisions I made throughout my life (like taking a semester off to sell grandfather clocks at the Wyoming Valley Mall). 

So, to all women out there who have been forgotten, who have made unrecognized contributions to the world—albeit small or grandiose—I salute you. And, I salute Becky. 

PGSF BLOG Womens Labour Book CoverAs this blog is in recognition of everything Graphic Communication, I was so moved by a recent book I acquired entitled Women’s Labour and The History of the Book in Early Modern England (edited by Valerie Wayne, The Arden Shakespeare, 2022). It is a compilation of essays that explore the roles of women in printing, publishing, papermaking, bookbinding, and book collecting alike. Dr. Wayne and her esteemed colleagues provide significant historical research into identifying the lost women who were integral to the purveyance of the printed book within the Early Modern Era in both England and the United States—intriguing stories of oppression, dedication, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurialism—unrecognized within the annals of history. 

In my next blog, I will introduce you to a few of these interesting women who established presses or continued the production of book manufacturing in a time reserved only for men. 

I can only imagine that my sister Becky would have made her own contributions to our ever-changing and reconditioning world. But I must first begin simply by recognizing Her, so that her memory is not lost to me, my family, or the world–for that matter. 

Happy Father’s Day Becky. And to all women who have helped preserve knowledge, may the book continue to be written. 


PGSF to Participate at Two Industry Events: Americas Print Show and Printing United

Pittsburgh, PA — June 8, 2022The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) is pleased to announce that it will be participating at two upcoming industry events: the Americas Print Show, taking place August 17-19 in Columbus, OH, and Printing United, October 19-21 in Las Vegas, NV.

Americas Print Show '22

At the Americas Print Show, PGSF will be at the workforce development area, booth 1741. The non-profit will be involved in the Student Day, Thursday, August 18th, which will include a tour of FSC-certified Hopkins Printing for educators, students, and their families. Printing United Expo

A similar tour is planned during Printing United, where PGSF will be at booth N1203. 

“We look forward to meeting with the community at the upcoming expos,” comments Dianne Bullas, Operations Director, PGSF. “As the print industry evolves, and products such as wall décor, carpets, and clothing are produced in addition to magazines and packaging, there is a career path opportunity for almost everyone. The industry is fueling jobs in finance, human resources, mechanics, IT, customer service, sales, marketing, safety, logistics, press operators and technicians, and more. It’s a great industry for learning and advancement.”

For more information, visit www.PGSF.org.


About PGSF

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is a not-for-profit, private, industry-directed organization that dispenses technical and college scholarships and assistance to talented youth interested in graphic communications careers. The mission of PGSF is to promote the graphics industry as a career choice for young people and then to support them through their education process. 



Jeff White

Director of Development, PGSF



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Jeff White, Director of Development at PGSF, and Joe Lyman, CEO of GLGA, join Deborah Corn to discuss aiding long-term student success, exciting new school programs and grants, exposing younger generations to the magic of the print industry – and how you can help!

Listen to this episode by searching for Podcasts From The Printerverse on your preferred podcast platform.

OR visit: https://podcasts.printmediacentr.com/supporting-students-with-jeff-white-pgsf-and-joe-lyman-glga/


Roger Gimbel’s Popular Print Industry Paperback Now an E-Book

Garden City, NY — June 16, 2022

Roger Gimbel's I'm Not Anyone

I’m Not Anyone” by Roger Gimbel is filled with interesting anecdotes and stories covering the author’s 50+ year career in the printing industry. The book is now available on Amazon in either paperback or eBook format.

“We’ve had great feedback from the paperback edition,” said Gimbel. “People seem to enjoy the stories about the print business and my observations about industry trends and developments. I am grateful to all the book buyers who have supported the Herman L. and Audrey M. Gimbel Memorial Scholarship. Now we’re adding the eBook.”

Mr. Gimbel donates the book sale proceeds to the scholarship administered by the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation. His contributions impact the lives of college students focused on the graphic arts industry by supporting their education. The new low-cost electronic format will help distribute the book among college students who often have limited financial resources.

Roger Gimbel started his business career working in his father’s print shop. Gimbel relates the events that steered his life, and sometimes changed his trajectory in “I’m Not Anyone”, interspersed with a narration of developments in digital printing.

As reviewer Lance Drucker writes, “Roger Gimbel could be the most interesting man I know. I didn’t realize this until I read his book, “I’m Not Anyone”. I knew Roger to be a successful business owner in the printing world. I had no idea of his wild side. Motorcycles, drugs, clothes, clubs, yachts, and Forrest Gump-like experiences with some of the most iconic people in recent history.”

Buy “I’m Not Anyone” now at Amazon in either paperback or eBook form.


Gimbel & Associates is an international management consulting firm working to ignite business growth through digital technologies. As an independent company, they offer clients customized consulting services to achieve their sales and marketing goals. With an extensive background in print services, print production, digital print, marketing communications, database management, training, and direct marketing, Gimbel & Associates helps their clients accomplish their growth and efficiency goals.

Print Across Generations – Video Interview

A candid conversation between Roger Gimbel and Kelsey Fields

Roger Gimbel - I'm Not Anyone

Roger Gimbel of Gimbel & Associates has a few years of experience watching the print and graphics industry evolve. As the author of “I’m Not Anyone – A Story of Reinvention and Acceptance”, he has stories around his career journey (including discotheques), perspectives, and inspiration to share. Proceeds from book sales go directly to support scholarships given annually by PGSF.

PGSF past scholarship recipient and emerging voice in the industry, Kelsey Fields , Program Manager at Printing United Alliance, brings her energy and curiosity to a lively conversation about the book. She explores questions about the opportunities for the next generation, her pathway through college, and where she sees the excitement growing into the future.

Take a few minutes to listen and we encourage you to buy the book on Amazon today to help support the PGSF Funding.

Endowment History – The John (Jack) Kronenberg Memorial Scholarship

Jack KronenburgEstablished 1999

The John (Jack) Kronenberg Memorial Scholarship was named after Jack Kronenberg, a longtime printing executive and consultant to businesses in the graphic arts. He was known as a positive, powerful role model who had a lasting influence on the industry.

Jack was born in Hamburg, New York, and became a long-time printing executive and consultant to the graphic arts industries during his very illustrious career. His professional career began in high school where he printed stationery and business cards on his own press. In 1933 he graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) with a B.S. in printing management. Until 1938, he worked as a production manager and assistant superintendent at U.S. Printing and Lithograph Company in Buffalo, New York, and then in New York City.

In 1938 he began a thirty-year career with S.D. Warren of Boston, serving as both vice president and director. Following his retirement from Warren in 1968, he remained in the industry as a consultant, serving on the board of directors of such graphic arts companies as W.E. Andrews Company, Baldwin Technology, Sayers Communications, and Wright. He served as associate dean of the College of Graphic Arts and Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. Jack was involved in various philanthropic associations such as the GATF, R&E Council, PGSF, National Association of Printers and Lithographers, and many others.

Jack had received dozens of professional recognitions including National NAPL Craftsman of the Year, NAPL Soderstrom Award, Carnegie Mellon University Service Award, PIA Friedman Memorial Medal for Distinguished Service to Education, PIA Lewis Man of the Year Award, and the RIT Byron Culver Award.

The John (Jack) Kronenberg Memorial Scholarship is part of our Senefelder group of endowments which is comprised of members that have made a gift commitment of $50,000 – $99,000. To learn more about all of our endowed scholarships go to our online book. Learn more about the opportunities and benefits of creating an endowment with PGSF on our Endowments page. More questions – contact the PGSF Director of Development, Jeff White.  

Endowment History – Michael Bruno / TAGA Scholarship

The Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) established the Michael Bruno/TAGA Scholarship in 1988, honoring Mr. Bruno’s forty years of service to TAGA.

His Career

Mike Bruno’s professional career in the graphic arts spanned more than fifty years. During this time, he served in many capacities. He started as a research officer at the U.S. Army Map Service during World War II. Mike then held multiple positions within the Lithographic Technical Foundation over twenty-two years. These included Research Manager, Research Director, and Technical Director. He then became the Manager of graphic arts rese

arch and corporate consulting for International Paper and an adjunct professor at the Polytechnic University of New York.

Publishing Credits

Mr. Bruno is the author of Principles of Color Proofing and Label Industry Facts and Guidelines. He was editor of International Paper’s Pocket Pal and published his own graphic arts newsletter. In addition, he authored an annual report called the Status of Printing in the U.S.A.

Industry Awards

Michael received many industry honors during his career. In 1974, he was the first recipient of the GATF Reed Technology Medal. He also received the Gold Medal of the Institute of Printing (England) in 1983 and the Electronic Prepress Pioneer Award from Lasers in Graphics in 1987.  The Friedman Memorial Medal for distinguished service to graphic arts education was awarded to him in 1988. The DRUPA Golden Pin Award was bestowed in 1990, in recognition of his reports on printing technology.

Want to know more about Michael Bruno? Watch this video from Frank Romano and learn how CalPoly Students Created a Book about Printing Pioneer Michael Bruno.

The Michael Bruno/TAGA Scholarship Scholarship is part of our Senefelder group of endowments. These are comprised of members that have made a gift commitment of $50,000 – $99,000. To read more about all of our endowed scholarships go to our updated online book. Learn more about the opportunities and benefits of creating an endowment with PGSF on our Endowments page. More questions – contact the PGSF Director of Development, Jeff White.  

Endowment History – PIAG John Dillard Memorial Scholarship

PIAG logoThe Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG) has served Georgia’s dynamic printing and imaging industry for more than 125 years. As the voice of the industry, PIAG supports graphic communicators of all kinds from printers to imagers to designers and beyond. Their three arms (association, insurance, and educational foundation) are there to help students succeed today, and help guide them towards the future.

In 2018, PIAG Educational Foundation announced the inaugural John Dillard Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships will be awarded once again this year to students who are residents of Georgia and are currently enrolled in a high school, postsecondary, or graduate program.

Recipients must enroll in a graphic communication program in the United States. A child or grandchild of PIAG member companies, as well as SkillsUSA Georgia participants, receive special consideration based on the points system. Applications are evaluated and judged during May and June. Recipients will be notified in July and August prior to the school year.

2021 – 2022 Recipients

To learn more about all of our endowed scholarships go to our updated online book. Learn more about the opportunities and benefits of creating an endowment with PGSF on our Endowments page. More questions – contact the PGSF Director of Development, Jeff White.