What is an endowment?

Many of the print and graphics scholarships distributed each year by PGSF come from endowments created by companies, associations, and supporters. Endowment funds are accounts set up with a specific purpose in mind. They are structured much like a mutual fund. The recipient organization can make regular withdrawals from the invested capital toward designated activities.


Why are endowments so important?

Unlike general donations to PGSF, endowments can accrue interest and grow in value based on the funds that PGSF invests in, making them essential to the growth of our industry.



How do endowments work at PGSF?

PGSF endowments are created in honor of individuals, families, associated founding members, or on behalf of an entire organization or corporation. Donations to an endowed fund can come from single or multiple sources and are tax-deductible.  Each year the earnings from these endowments are used to fund specific scholarships set up in the name of the company or person being honored by the endowment.


How many endowments does PGSF currently have?

Today, PGSF has more than 120 endowed funds representing $12,000,000, allowing us to distribute more than $500,000 annually to students.


Can I create an endowment?

Yes! PGSF is happy to accept new endowments and will work with you to set one up. It’s easy to get started, and endowments can be funded over a 5-year period if desired.  Contact Jeff White, Director of Development for assistance at jeff.white@pgsf.org or 412.608.2855.


List of Endowments


There is a rich history behind the many endowments we oversee at the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation. Read about the stories behind how many of our individual scholarships came to be and who qualifies for future funding!

CLICK HERE to access the PGSF Endowment history book.