Print is Everywhere

October 12, 2020 | Posted in: PGSF News

PGSF supports this industry-wide effort that Print is Everywhere!

Employers, Educators, and Print Industry Supporters!!!!

The campaign includes a complete set of digital and printed brochures and presentation materials designed for us to share the positive stories of the print industry. The tools gathered in one place help to graphically convey how many different forms of print impact our everyday life. The floors you walk on, the clothes you wear, the signs that guide you, the mail you receive, the magazines you read, the food you eat — print plays a vital role – and is virtually everywhere you live and work.

Most importantly, the PRINT IS EVERYWHERE campaign includes a career guide geared for students and career-seekers, offering pathways for career advancement in print.

PRINT IS EVERYWHERE industry awareness kits coming soon! Learn more and sign up today HERE.