PGSF Awards $500,000 in Scholarships for 2018

June 18, 2018 | Posted in: Scholarships

Pittsburgh, PA, July 2018— The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce its student scholarships for 2018. Some 217 students, who are attending more than 90 schools across the U.S. were selected this year to receive scholarships. From a field of nearly 400 applicants, about 250 advanced to the final evaluation stage. A team of industry veterans scored out these applicants to refine down to the final recipients. These students represent the “cream of the crop” among all who applied this year.

The mission of PGSF is to create awareness of the broad range of career opportunities that are available in today’s modern and technology-driven graphic communications industry. Then, if they pursue post-secondary education in graphics, to support them financially. PGSF scholarship recipients attend one and two-year technical schools, colleges, and universities in virtually every state in the union. Scholarships average $2400 but can be as high as $5000, depending on the endowment.

“Education is critical to the success of promoting gainful employment for students in the graphic communications industry. Graphic communications often falls under the radar when young people consider career options,” stated John Berthelsen, VP-Development for the Foundation. “We strive to increase awareness and then support students to assist with the high cost of post-secondary education.”

A group of ten industry educators, consultants, and PGSF alumni from service providers and vendors evaluated the submissions. While total applications were somewhat lower this year, the quality remained quite high. They will make great additions to the future workforce of the industry.

PGSF Awards $500,000 in Scholarships for 2018

PGSF Awards $500,000 in Scholarships for 2018

For more details on the program, information regarding tax-advantaged contributions, establishing a scholarship through PGSF, or scholarship applications, contact John Berthelsen at 608-575-3904 or You can also visit our website for more details on the Foundation at

About PGSF

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is a not-for-profit, private, industry-directed organization that dispenses technical and college scholarships and assistance to talented youth interested in graphic communication careers. The mission of PGSF is to promote the graphics industry as a career choice for young people, and then to support them through their education process. In 2018, more than 200 students were provided with support totaling over $500,000.