What our recent PGSF recipients are saying

August 22, 2022 | Posted in: Endowments | Scholarships | Testimonials | PGSF Blogs

2022 PGSF Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

Debbie Bohan,

“I would like to issue a great thanks to you and all of the PGSF General team for expressing your interest in my studies. Thank you, Miss Debbie, for being there for me in my time of need when I was trying to meet the deadline for the Scholarship Submission. You have no clue how much this means for me having come out of a couple of rough years recently. Before college, I was graduating High School and took a year off from everything, and thought that I would amount to nothing in my future. After some encouragement from my peers I enrolled in the Fall of 2020, I quickly regained my passion for graphic design and persevered in my first 2 years of college. Now, Thanks to your generous gift of this $2500 scholarship, I can finish my last 2 semesters of college and not have any burdens of student debt, because I didn’t need a handout to get me along, I EARNED MY WAY OUT OF COLLEGE!!! Peace and Blessings for all involved in PGSF, because you all change lives for the BETTER!”


Justin Wade McClellan

Bernie Eckert,
I wanted to thank you and share with you the celebratory news that I
graduated from the University of San Francisco Summa Cum Laude last
week with a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a completed minor in Classical
Studies. Without your support, I could not have made it here.”   Read More

Maj Jenkins

I maintained straight A’s for all of my classes during both semesters and made the Dean’s List. I was also awarded a “Super Dog” award for the spring semester. “Super Dog” awards are given to those with outstanding achievements in the NIU School of Art foundations courses.

Abigail Carter

Henry Wurst, Inc. Scholarship recipient

“Thank you so much for the generous scholarship. I have been able to accomplish a semester with a 4.0 GPA and a 3.9 cumulative GPA during my time at the University of Michigan. Most recently, I have received University Honors and Honors for my Sophomore Review of my art and design work. Also, I will be starting a Creative internship with Sephora this summer.”

Taylor Silver

Guy Gecht Scholarship recipient