PGSF Marks a Major Milestone for Graphic Communications Students

October 2, 2020 | Posted in: PGSF News

The Foundation Has Awarded $10 Million in Scholarships Since 2000

Pittsburgh, PA — October 1, 2020 — The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) is pleased to mark the milestone of $10 million in scholarships distributed to students seeking higher education in graphic communications since 2000. PGSF and its donors award hundreds of scholarships each year to support future members of the graphics communications industry. In the current academic year alone, the organization awarded more than 200 scholarships, collectively valued at over $500,000, ranging from $1,000 to $7,100 per recipient.

“The $10 million milestone is one that everyone should be proud of. Each scholarship is an investment in the students, the schools, and the businesses that support PGSF and the graduating students. PGSF is pivotal for strengthening the education cycle and the future of the graphic communications industry,” comments Jules Van Sant, Chair, PGSF.

PGSF is a nonprofit dedicated to dispensing undergraduate college and technical school scholarships and graduate fellowship assistance, funded by annual and endowed funds provided by individuals, companies, and associations.

Educators Praise PGSF

“I truly admire the hard work of the PGSF making so many opportunities available to our students in this difficult time. Their support is an ongoing beacon of encouragement for me as a teacher and an aspirational point for our students, who through the support of the PGSF have been able to achieve a high-quality education in printing and graphic arts,” comments Dr. Grant Tedaldi of Orange Technical College in Orlando.

“PGSF scholarships are a good investment by the industry in the future of young professionals who will continue to develop and improve the field of graphic communication,” Dr. Mark Snyder, Professor, Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

“PGSF helps our students in so many ways that I can just suggest that it is a lifeline to students who really need it. I know the students really appreciate any help they can get,” comments Lois Lemon, Master Faculty Specialist, Western Michigan University.

PGSF Acknowledges Donors

PGSF receives donations from individuals as well as large corporations. Contributions are made to an existing endowed fund established in the name of a person, organization, or local area, or as a memorial or honorary gift for someone in the industry. Individuals can also make a gift to PGSF through a bequest in a will.

PGSF acknowledges the donors that make it possible for the organization to deliver scholarships to students. EFI, GLGA Foundation, Graphic Arts Alliance, Print America, Bruce Tietz, Alcom, and Nova have all created permanently endowed scholarships. Heidelberg, O’Dell, and PIAG all contribute to annual scholarship programs.

About PGSF

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is a not-for-profit, private, industry-directed organization that dispenses technical and college scholarships and assistance to talented youth interested in graphic communication careers. The mission of PGSF is to promote the graphics industry as a career choice for young people, and then to support them through their education process.