Building Technical Writing Advantages in Graphic Communications

January 19, 2023 | Posted in: PGSF News | Careers Resources | Schools

Participate in the Short Clemson University Graphic Communications Department Survey

Are you an academic or industry professional in the field of Graphics, Visual, and/or Print Communications? We need your help! By participating in our survey, you can play a crucial role in developing a comprehensive Technical Writing resource for Graphic Communications majors and instructors. This resource will be based on the competencies gathered from the responses of professionals like you and will provide valuable resources to instructors and enhance students’ learning of technical writing. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the success of students in the discipline of Writing in the Disciplines (WID). Take the survey today!Click to participate in this 10-minute survey to gather data for developing Technical Writing Competencies in Graphic Communications (GC). in taking this survey will assist in developing curriculum and instructional materials that will enhance students’ learning of technical writing and provide instructors in the Graphic Communications discipline with valuable resources. The purpose of this research is to develop a concise supplemental Technical Writing resource for Graphic Communications majors and instructors (and beyond) based on assembled competencies derived through a study of responses from academics and industry professionals. This resource is meant to enlighten and encourage student success in writing in the discipline (WID).Click to participate

Any questions or need more information contact Carl Blue, Associate Professor at Clemson, Graphics Communications Department